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CPU fault handling skills

We often encounter a computer glitch, although strange, but also is the view of the importance of hardware, such as CPU, disk, memory, video cards, sound cards, motherboards, and more. But the failure rate of the CPU itself is the lowest in all computer accessories, this CPU as high-tech products, has a very strict production and inspection procedures are inseparable, so computer malfunction due to quality problems with the CPU is indeed rare. But has a situation not ignored, is in computer products high profit of temptation zhixia, some illegal manufacturers on computer standard parts for thyristor, and again mark (Remark), and shoddy even will waste, and defective as authentic sold, led to has these "Super General play" of products performance not stable, environment slightly has does not apply or using time slightly long on will frequently occurred fault, like CPU, and memory article, and CACHE, and Board, core parts and related products of quality bad, Often causes no panic's main source of failure. And the CPU is the most impersonated the parts is very easy to cause panic. CPU Pentium II 233 may be Remark into the CPU of Pentium II 266. So CPU r waiting to purchase. Best buy "boxed" CPU, "boxed" b is the original package unopened, k and accompanied by a letter of guarantee. Remark the CPU when used in low temperature and short time everything was all right, but in an environment of continuous high temperature long time its death malpractice was exposed.
Windows, 3DS, requires high CPU features than simple software such as DOS can find a CPU problem. Solution is to consult the manual to CPU clock speed jump from 1 to 2 grades used, such as: 166 to 120 or 150, 133. If the freezing is significantly reduced or disappeared, then you can judge is the CPU problem. Of course you can also use Exchange identification, replacement of the same model the normal CPU if you don't panic it can be concluded that only one CPU problem.
due to the CPU's clock speed and higher, high-speed Cache capacity is growing. Cache problems lead to unstable operation of the system also increases. Especially some Cache problem products, manufacturers will sell its shielded demoted after strategy, also provided an opportunity to JS fraud, if the block Cache of goods bought by hand, it goes without saying that ~CPU would greatly increase the chances of failure. Therefore, when running large programs, if your computer system instability or some are at issue, in excluding software, accessories and other viruses on the basis of more attention to quality of the CPU itself problem now! Enter the motherboard BIOS Setup, the CPU internal Cache is temporarily closed, if conditions improve, then CPU is likely to have quality problems.
in addition, the dangers of overclocking you should be aware of the the overclocking it will generate a lot of heat, the CPU temperature increases, causing the "electronic transfer" effect, and overclocking, we will typically increase voltage, so that heat generated will be more. But we must be clear, not directly hurt CPU hot, but hot as a result of "electronic transfer" effect inside the damaged CPU chips. They say CPU overclocking Burns, in fact, strictly speaking, should be the high temperatures caused by "electronic transfer" effect caused by the results. In order to prevent the "electronic transfer" effect, we must put the CPU surface temperature is below 50 degrees Celsius, so that CPU internal temperature can be maintained at below 80 degrees, "electronic transfer" phenomenon doesn't happen very easily. In addition, "electronic transfer" effect is not immediately damaged chips, it is damage to the chip is a slow process, but it will reduce CPU life, if you keep your CPU at a very high temperature, not sensationalism--your CPU from scrap the day is not far off. Here to remind everyone, don't pursue overclocking too much, because it is no longer meaningful, but also very dangerous.

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